Beloved Mother of Jesus,
and our Mother,
trustingly we gather before you.

We lay before you
all the longings and hopes,
sufferings and anxieties of all our people.

To your Immaculate Heart
we raise from our hearts
this Act of Entrustment and Consecration.

Embrace us, dear Mother,
and gather each one of us
within your saving mantle;
take us within your motherly love.

Immaculate Heart of Mary,
we seek to unite ourselves
with the consecration which Jesus the Son
made to His heavenly Father
on the night before He gave His life for us,
when He prayed:
“For their sakes I consecrate myself,
that they also may be consecrated in truth.” (John 17, 19)

His consecration obtains pardon and mercy
and secures redemption
for all sinners and from all sin.

Its power overcomes every evil
which the powers of darkness
awaken in human hearts throughout history.

It joins us in His heart to make us one
in the grace of His Paschal Mystery.

Immaculate Heart of Mary,
your heart is most wholly united
with your Son’s redeeming consecration.

As we entrust ourselves to you,
help us to live in truth
Jesus’ consecration, faithfully each day.

Deliver us from the power of sin,
in all its forms and manifestations,
in personal and social living.

Help us strive
to our raise up in our land
a civilization of solidarity, justice and love,
by the grace of the Spirit of Jesus.

May the infinite power
of the merciful love of God,
through your motherly intercession,
be revealed in our history as a people.

May it change our hearts
to the likeness of the Pierced Heart of Jesus,
and the likeness of your own Immaculate Heart.

By this consecration,
may we become ever more truly,
“pueblo amante de Maria”,
a people which loves you mightily in its own heart,
a people you make each day
ever more your own,
held securely and cherished
in your Immaculate Heart.

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