On the first of every month, Our Lord gives Anne a new message about His call to service.

April 1, 2009


My beloved apostles, please know that you obtain a constant stream of grace for the world. You do this by serving so generously. Your generosity obtains for others sublime graces of calm and peace, sublime graces of charity and truth, and sublime graces of conversion and perseverance. When you see how heaven has used your service, you will rejoice that you gave so willingly and consistently. My friends, you should not be distracted by your feelings. Your feelings are like the smallest stems of grass blowing in the wind, so quickly do they pass. Do not be tormented. Simply allow feelings of temptation to move along and concentrate on the truth which is that you have remained in My holy company. If you do this you will be less distracted. You will be able to say, “Today I am sad, tomorrow I may be happy, the next day I may feel fear and afterwards rejoicing. What difference does it make as long as I am united to My Jesus and serving His kingdom.” Yes, many in this time find that they are so distracted by their feelings that they question their decision to serve at all. This is the ultimate degree of temptation. If I did not wish you to serve, I would not have called you into service. I need My chosen ones to remain closely tied to their decision to bring My light to others. Only in this way will the renewal push further into the world. Submit your feelings to me. When your feelings make you doubtful, sit with Me and together we will examine them, one by one. If examined in My company, you will see that your feelings in no way change My truth which is that you have been formed to serve Me and truly, I need your service. Please be loyal to your decision for heavenly service as you live your time on earth. If you remain faithful, I can do many things. I am with you. I am directing all that occurs in your life. We walk together and together we will triumph over all temptations.

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One comment on “April 1, 2009 Monthly Message
  1. Ellen says:

    Dear Apostles of Christ and Beloved of the Blessed Mother,

    I am based in NY and had read some of the articles in your web site . I received the messages of our Lord from Ann for Lay Apostles. As an apostle of our Lord and devoted servant of the Blessed Mother we incur the trials ( crosses ) in working to be in His will and always in working for the good ( real truth) not in falsity of personal aggrandisement. We remain to be hidden always of what we do for God for humility is the foundation of all virtues. There is always a time that God exalts at the end. In working for Mary , making a movement for her , 9 years ago and which still on , I always encounter loneliness and pain of uncooperation of others , sometimes ingratitude of putting an event for her . The evil always attack those who are sincere. I pray to the guardian angel of everyone helping me in coordination with Mary and that is where I received consolation. Like Mary, our suffering if it is offred to God is a simple way of being a co-redeemer for we pray for others in cooperation for the will of God. May the sufferings as a part of co-redemption ( conversion) including ourselves be that like a rain that one day heals others in this time of uncertainty ( ties) and please pray for the intentions of the Blessed Mother and the event of The Lady of All Nations for NY for May 30, 2009. We will make a novena in honor of her from May 22- May 30 for teh feast of Visitation— our Lady will visit her people ( she is always here) and “all generations shall call her Blessed ”
    Pax et Bonum!!
    Ellen, sfo

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