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Glorious Mysteries: Intentions for the Philippines 1. That diplomats may find a resolution to the Spratly issue. 2. That the government investigate and prosecute killings and abuses by the military. 3. That citizens come to understand the responsibilities that come


Vatican City is a sovereign-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. It has an area of 44 hectares and a population of just over 800. Established in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty, it is


The political status of Taiwan is disputed because it is claimed by the People’s Republic. Its rapid economic growth after World War II transformed it into an industrialized developed country. Joyful Mysteries: Intentions for Taiwan 1. That the reinstitution of


Located on the northern portion of the island of Cyprus, Northern Cyprus is a de facto independent state. Tensions between Greeks and Turks in 1974 ended with a military invasion by Turkey resulting in partition and resettlement of many inhabitants.


Macau is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. The territory’s economy relies heavily on gambling and tourism. Under the policy of “one country, two systems” the People’s Republic is responsible for defense and foreign affairs, while


Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Rep. of China. Situated on the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, it is renowned for its skyline and deep natural harbor. Under the principle of one country-two systems,


Dependencies of Great Britain (Anguilla, Bermuda, British India Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Montserrat, Pitcairn Island, Saint Helena, South Georgia, Turks and Caicos Islands) Sorrowful Mysteries: Intentions 1. For the


Dependencies of France (French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon Wallis and Futuna) Dependencies of USA (American Samoa, Guam, Navassa, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, US Minor Pacific Islands, US


Dependencies of Australia (Christmas Island, Cocos Island, Coral Sea Islands Territory, Heard and McDonald Islands, Norfolk Island) Dependencies of New Zealand (Cook Island, Niue, Tokelau) Dependencies of Netherlands (Aruba, Netherlands Antilles) Dependencies of Norway (Bouvet Island, Jan Mayen, Svalbard) Joyful


Two World Wars have diminished its empire but the UK remains a major economic and military power, with considerable political and cultural influence around the world. Sorrowful Mysteries: Intentions for United Kingdom 1. That the government’s austerity measures may succeed


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We will continue our wonderful goal of a million voices in prayer reaching the high heavens.

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Tell your friends and family about A Million Hearts Consecrated to Jesus thru Mary as our Fatima Centennial offering.

Ave Maria Online Magazine
Extravagant displays of devotion to Mary gets curtailed as world culture emphasizes the rational, scientific and technological aspects of life. There seems to be no more time for the more affective expressions of religion.

  Then, after a while, people get fed up with the absolutely rational and logical culture, and rediscover religion and the affective part of the human soul and its needs.

  And Mary is one of those.

Love and support for Pope Francis
The Church is certainly a human and historical institution with all that entails, yet her nature is not essentially political but spiritual: the Church is the People of God, Holy People of God making its way to encounter Jesus Christ. Only from this perspective can a satisfactory account be given of the Church's life and activity.

  Christ is the Church's Pastor, but his presence in history passes through the freedom of human beings; from their midst one is chosen to serve as his Vicar, the successor of the Apostle Peter.

  Yet Christ remains the center, not the Sucessor of Peter: Christ, Christ is the centre.

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A Million Roses for the World
A gift of love, faith and goodwill from the people of the Philippines. Pope Pius IX once said: “Give me an army praying a million rosaries a day and we will conquer the world.” We are not out to conquer the world…but to save it for God to whom it rightly belongs.