Yemenis, unlike the nomads and semi-nomads of the Arabian peninsula, are entirely sedentary and live in small villages. It was part of the ancient Minaean, Sabaean and Himyarite Kingdoms which controlled the lucrative spice trade. Today it faces dwindling resources, a young population, increasing population growth, and rampant corruption. Yemen is the reputed home of the Queen of Sheba.

Joyful Mysteries:  Intentions for Yemen

1. That violence against citizens comes to an end, and may justice and peace be restored.

2. That the government may succeed in controlling excessive spending and rampant corruption.

3. For the many addicted to ‘qat’, a narcotic widely produced in Yemen, an addiction that can consume 50% of a family’s income

4. That government and industry may produce more employment opportunities especially for the young.

5. That a peace treaty between the government and northern rebels be effectively implemented.

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Extravagant displays of devotion to Mary gets curtailed as world culture emphasizes the rational, scientific and technological aspects of life. There seems to be no more time for the more affective expressions of religion.

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The Church is certainly a human and historical institution with all that entails, yet her nature is not essentially political but spiritual: the Church is the People of God, Holy People of God making its way to encounter Jesus Christ. Only from this perspective can a satisfactory account be given of the Church's life and activity.

  Christ is the Church's Pastor, but his presence in history passes through the freedom of human beings; from their midst one is chosen to serve as his Vicar, the successor of the Apostle Peter.

  Yet Christ remains the center, not the Sucessor of Peter: Christ, Christ is the centre.

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