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June 1, 2008


I am here, with you at all times. I watch you struggle for holiness and I encourage you to continue along on the path you have chosen. When you are discouraged, you sometimes look to other paths, chosen by other people. From where you are looking, their path might look smooth and easy, happy and fulfilling. Perhaps their path does not include the sacrifices that you find are necessary to travel along the path I have marked out for you. Perhaps their path does not appear to be as steep, as filled with obstacles, and perhaps their path appears to include more worldly acclaim and acceptance. Poor little apostles. Here is what you cannot see when you admire the apparent easiness of the paths of others who are not chosen as you are chosen. You do not see that others, who have not made the same level of commitment, are not enjoying the same level of unity with heaven. Yes, their struggle seems less. Yes, their rewards seem immediate and plentiful. But you have something that nobody else has in the same way and that is Me. Nobody has the same relationship with Me that you have. You are My beloved apostle and I love all of My apostles. But the love I have for you and the plan I have for you is unique. It will never be repeated. I need you to continue on in your service to Me. I need you to remember that you are called to live differently, that your life, which may not be proceeding exactly as you planned, is proceeding exactly as I planned. Can you accept this? Can you remind yourself that you have allowed your Saviour to navigate your earthly journey? Can you rejoice in the path that I have marked out for you, even if it includes suffering? Please, My beloved apostle, try. I will help you with this. Rejoice in your apostolic commitment to Me. I will send you graces in each moment. These graces are unrepeatable, meaning that if a person rejects My grace in this moment, that grace moment cannot be recaptured. Time passes while you are on earth. Opportunities also pass. You are taking advantage of your time on earth for the family of God and for your loved ones and for you, yourself. You are so precious to Me. I am caring for you, I promise. When you are tempted to discouragement, remember that I am with you in each moment, sending perfect graces and blessings to you and through you. Be at peace in My will for you and I will protect My plan for you. You are loved by all of heaven and you are loved by Me.

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