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The year 2017 marks the centennial of the Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima where our Blessed Mother appeared multiple times to three children- Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. This November 5 we will be launching the 33 days to Morning Glory in preparation for this Marian consecration.

Our inspiration for this 33 days is St. Louis de Montfort where he lays out a course of preparation for Marian consecration that lasts 33 days.

Why 33 Days to Morning Glory?

The 33 days refers to the days of reparation where everyday you prepare yourself spiritually. The 33-day preparation includes a preliminary period of twelve days during which we endeavor “to free ourselves from the spirit of the world.” This initial 12 days is followed by a second period of three weeks. The first of these three weeks is devoted to the knowledge of ourselves, the second to that of the Blessed Virgin and the third to that of Jesus Christ.


The object of this consecration is to cast off the spirit of the world, which is contrary to that of Jesus Christ, in order to acquire fully the spirit of Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin. Hence the practices suggested by St. Louis De Montfort: renouncement of the world and knowledge of self, of the Blessed Virgin and of Jesus Christ.

The 34th day will be the Marian feast. In our case, the Marian feast is the Immaculate Conception. It’s called Morning Glory because it really captures what Marian consecration is all about: A new way of life in Christ.

The act of consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary marks the beginning of a gloriously new day, a new dawn, a brand new morning in one’s spiritual journey. It’s a fresh start, and it changes everything. – Michael E. Gaitley, MIC

Saint John Paul II describes the consecration to Mary as having the same effect on him. His reading of de Montfort’s book was a “turning point” in his life. For those of us who have witnessed his papacy, this Marian consecration was so important that even his papal motto was a summary to the total consecration to Jesus through Mary – “Totus Tuus” (Totally Yours). The pope was even cited to recite the long version of de Montfort’s consecration prayer everyday.

Several other people who have consecrated themselves to Jesus through Mary can completely relate to the Pope’s words about how it was a turning point in their lives. It truly does make a difference. It is truly the “surest, easiest and the most perfect means” to becoming a saint.

What is Marian Consecration?

To properly understand the essence of total consecration to Jesus through Mary, we’ll first need to reflect on an important point: Jesus wants to include all of us in his work of salvation. In other words, he doesn’t just redeem us and them expect us to kick back and relax. On the contrary, he puts us to work. He wants all of us to labor in his Father’s vineyard in one way or another.

Why he didn’t just snap his fingers and so order things that everyone in the world would individually hear and understand the Gospel by some private, mystical revelation, we don’t know. What we do know is that Jesus relies on others to spread his Gospel and that he commission his disciples to preach it to all (Mt. 28:19-20).  God wants to include us in his work of salvation.

The Role of Mary

Among the various roles God has given to his children, there’s one that’s radically more important than all the others: the task he gave to Mary.

It did not begin or end in conceiving, bearing and nurturing Jesus Christ our Savior.

Jesus fully revealed Mary’s role when at the cross, he looked down and said to Mary, “Woman, behold, your son” and to John, “Behold your mother” (Jn. 19:26-27) At that moment, Jesus gave us one of his greatest gifts: his mother as our mother. As our spiritual mother, Mary’s task is to give spiritual birth to Christians, to feed and nurture us with grace, and to help us grow to full stature in Christ. In short, Mary’s job is to help us grow in holiness. It’s her mission to form us into saints.

A Million Hearts Consecrated to Jesus thru Mary

A Million Hearts Consecrated to Jesus thru Mary

The Marian Consecration Pledge

For 33 (November 5 to December 8) we do the following as a pledge:

  1. To consecrate ourselves to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, offering to Our Lord the tasks of our daily duties with the sacrifice they demand;
  2. To pray the Rosary (the five decades) daily, whenever possible with our families, especially during the 33 days;
  3. To observe the devotion to Five First Saturdays in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with Confession, Receiving Holy Communion, and prayer of the Holy Rosary, meditation on the Mysteries for 15 minutes.
  4. We have a dedicated page at:  Marian Solidarity so you can enroll and register your name. You can also opt-in to the email so we can send the meditations and prayers for each day.
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One comment on “Marian Consecration Pledge: A Fatima Centennial Offering
  1. Fr. Jun Limbaga says:

    Greetings of peace!

    This is to express gratitude and manifest support for the Marian Solidarity’s new campaign, A Million Hearts Consecrated to Jesus thru Mary. Our Bishop, Most Rev. Julito B. Cortes, DD, is issuing a circular letter to all the parishes/quasi-parishes, institutions and communities within the Diocese to join, support and encourage this personal pledge and offering to Jesus thru Mary.

    In this light, we would like to humbly request for pledge forms as well as the retreat materials entitled, “33 days to Morning Glory” which we could distribute in the Diocese along with the Bishop’s circular. If you still have available materials to share, kindly send these to:

    The Chancery Office
    1/F Diocesan Pastoral Center
    Cathedral Compound
    6200 Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

    We hope for a favorable response to our request. Thank you very much.

    May the immensity of God’s love be with you always. With our spiritual closeness as you continue to fulfill God’s mission through the accompaniment of our Lady. May our Blessed Mother continue to bring us more closely to Her Son, Jesus.

    Very truly yours in Christ,

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