by Dr. Mark Miravalle

Her titles are her works; her titles are her functions. Her titles manifest the union of heart necessary between the Immaculate Heart and the Three Divine Persons that would allow such intimate participation in the Trinitarian action of sanctification on man’s behalf.

Her titles are her works, motherly and nourishing for man, but first they reveal a oneness of heart with the Three Divine Persons, individually and collectively, which allows her to be the covenant between Divinity and humanity.

Daughter and Coredemptrix by the Father-Creator

Although commonly and properly juxtaposed with the Redeemer as the title denotes, it also must be understood that the Coredemptrix mission is initiated by Abba Father. The Virgin Daughter is crafted by the Father Creator immaculate from the beginning, so that from the beginning the Woman can intimately share in the crushing of the deceiver and his seed (Gen. 3:15).

The redemption-coredemption mission comes from the Father, is directed by the Father, and rightly leads to the Father’s glory (cf. Gal 4:6), and hence as well with the role of the Coredemptrix: Abba’s greatest creature and Abba’s most heinous creature in absolute warfare, with eternal ramification for the rest of Abba’s creatures (cf. Rev. 12: 1-6).

Mother and Mediatrix with the Son-Mediator

In response to the archangelic invitation, the Immaculate One truly mediates humanity to Divinity in the act of giving flesh to the Word, and thus becomes Mother and Mediatrix to the Son (Lk 1:38). As St. Augustine reminds us, what she is physically to the Son, so she is spiritually to the Body of the Son, to the members of that Body — Mother and Mediatrix with and under the Son-Mediator for all peoples.

First, she mediates the Author of all grace to the human family. Then she mediates all the grace of the Author to the human family. Her mediation, an unparalleled participation in the one mediation of Christ ( 1 Tim 2: 5), manifests the power and glory of His (c.f. Lumen Gentium 60), which testifies, and rightly leads, to the praise of both.

Spouse and Advocate in the Spirit — Advocate

The Divine Spouse and human spouse who came together at the will of the Father of all mankind to bring forth the Heart of the Son now continue in ineffable union of heart in bringing the petitions of humanity back to the Heart of the Son. The Spirit and the Bride, one Divine, one human, sanctify as one. In Kolbean terms, the “uncreated Immaculate Conception” and the created Immaculate Conception, one divine, one human, act as one.

In the same way, the Divine Advocate (cf. Jn 15:16) and the human Advocate, one divine, one human, act as one in bringing the petitioned needs of human hearts to the Heart of the Son.

And just as in the Upper Room, we see the human Advocate “by her prayers imploring the gift of the Spirit who had already overshadowed her at the Annunciation” ( Lumen Gentium 59 ), so too today the human Advocate implores the Spirit-Advocate for the new Pentecost, in answer and fulfillment to the needs of all human hearts; for the renewed presence and reign of the Heart of the Son in every human heart.

(Excerpts from a paper by Dr. Miravalle, “Our Lady’s Coredemption and Mediation in Relation to the Most Holy Trinity.” Paper given to Ambassador Howard Dee.)

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