Novena for a Clean and Credible ElectionGreetings of peace of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

The Committee for the Year of the Two Hearts (June 19, 2009 to June 11, 2010) in response to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) Pastoral Exhortation on the “Year of the Two Hearts for Peace-Building and Lay Participation in Social Change” has prepared a Novena Prayer for the nine days preceding the Election, May 1 to 9, 2010.

Attached is a copy of the Letter from His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal B. Rosales, D.D., Chair of the Committee for the Year of the Two Hearts addressed to the Bishops of the Philippines and a copy of the Novena.

Share (forward) and Pray the Novena Prayer to and with your family, friends and associates listed in your email directory.  There is a reason for our country to intensely pray together as a people and for our future.

Respectfully yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
The Secretariat for Year of the Two Hearts

p.s.  Copies of the Novena leaflet may be obtained from the Office of the Secretariat for the Year of the Two Hearts, Unit 506, 5/F, Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
Telephone: 6321003

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2 comments on “The CBCP has prepared a Novena Prayer for the nine days preceding the Election, 1-9 May 2010
  1. sr.darlen pardillo says:

    we are one with the intention of the whole church in praying for the integrity of this coming automated elections. We ardently pray for an honest and and clean elections.

    kindly send us a copy of the novena prayer from first day to the last day. thank you very much. God bless us all in this noble endeavor.

  2. bing bonilla says:

    I support the Catholic Church’s vigilance in reminding all of us of the duties and rights of Filipino citizens to honest and efficient elections. I also would like to always remind people that we have to make sure we VOTE and NOT BET the candidates. We VOTE for people not because they are winning. But they will win if we bet on them. It’s horrible how many of us can still be swayed by the numbers game being waged by whatever trending there might be (parang jueteng!).
    Please, let’s listen to our conscience, “the aboriginal vicar of Christ,” as John Cardinal Newman put it. Let’s choose LIFE and then we will enjoy the TRUE FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

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