The Pilgrim Image of FatimaThe International Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Fatima (from Fatima, Portugal) visits the Philippines. Here are the places that our Mama Mary will visit:

  • Oct  3-4     Tarlac
  • Oct  5-6     Alaminos
  • Oct. 7-8     Lingayen, Dagupan
  • Oct. 9-10   San Fernando, La Union
  • Oct 10-11  Urdaneta, Pangasinan
  • Oct.13-15  San Fernando, Pampanga
  • Oct.15-17  San Pablo, Laguna
  • Oct.18-19  Lipa, Batangas
  • Oct.20-21  Gumaca, Quezon
  • Oct.22-23  Daet
  • Oct.24-25  Caceres
  • Oct.26-27  Sorsogon
  • Oct.28-30  Legaspi
  • Nov. 5-6    Calbayog
  • Nov. 7-8    Borongan
  • Nov. 9-11   Palo, Leyte
  • Nov.12-13  Naval
  • Nov.14-15  Maasim
  • Nov.16-17  Surigao
  • Nov.18-19  Tandag
  • Nov.20-21  Butuan
  • Nov.22-24  Davao
  • Nov.25-26  Malaybalay
  • Nov.27-28  CDO
  • Nov.28-30  Iligan
  • Dec.  1-2   Ozamis
  • Dec. 3-4  Dipolog
  • Dec. 5-6  Dumagueta
  • Dec. 7-8   Kabangkalan
  • Dec. 9-11  Jaro
  • Dec. 11-13  Tagbilaran, Bohal
  • Dec. 14-15  Talibon
  • Dec. 16-18  Cebu

Kindly spread the word.

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One comment on “(update#2) The International Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Fatima Visits The Philippines
  1. Mary Jane lim says:


    Do you hv any schedule in metro Manila on lady of Fatima fr Portugal ? Pls update

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