recognized by Msgr. Laurence, in his mandate of 1862

1. CATHERINE LATAPIE-CHOUAT, from Loubajac in the Hautes-Pyrenees region, had a paralyzed arm and hand. She dipped them in water from the Grotto. Suddenly she could move her fingers.

2. LOUIS BOURIETTE, from Lourdes, had injured his right eye in an explosion twenty years earlier and his sight was diminishing daily. He bathed his eye in some water from the Grotto and immediately could see daylight…

3. BLAISETTE CAZENAVE, from Lourdes, suffered chronic inflammation of her eyelids, which ad not improved with the treatment used at the time. She decided to go to Massabielle to bathe her eyes with water from the Grotto… Two days after she was cured.

4. HENRI BUSQUET , from Nay, in the Atlantic Pyrenees region, had an abscess on his neck, probably due to tuberculosis. He wanted to apply water from the Grotto on it. It was brought to him on april 28th 1858. His entire family prayed with him. After wearing a bandage soaked in the water for two days he was cured.

5. JUSTIN BOUHORT, from Lourdes. A two-year-old child, he was close to death. His mother held him in the Grotto water, which was considered unwise considering his critical state of health. Having returned home with the immense hope that the Virgin would help him, the mother noticed an improvement in her son’s health. Justin was better in the following days, and at the age of 77 was able to attend the canonization of Bernadette on December 8th 1933.

6. MADELEINE RIZAN, from Nay, was paralyzed on her left side. Her doctors had given up any hope of recovery and had stopped all treatment. She expressed the desire to drink some of the water from the “marvelous Grotto in Lourdes”. She drank some and her daughter applied it to her face and her body. “The recovery was immediate”, wrote Dr. Vergez in his report.

7. MARIE MOREAU, from Tartas (in the Landes region), had increasingly poor eyesight. (She could no longer read or write). She applied a compress soaked in water from the Grotto to her eyes. The next day she had completely recovered her eyesight.

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